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Privateers (Pirates) of the Pursuit
Welcome to our store. We have  various items for donations that support the Pursuit and the SPHS. 
The items listed in our store under our "virtual" store will remain active throughout the year, while our "physical" store will be taken down while we are at events, as those items we bring with us to events in order to raise funds at the events. Typically we list what events we are at and what we will bring with us on the Friday evening at 6pm before the event  and then return the store to active status by Monday morning with the updated inventory list.

"Physical Store"
Items we bring to events (limited stock)

More Coming Soon

One size fits all. 100% Wool
Colonial Style "Tricorn"
$40.00 USD 
100% Wool. Size: M/L
Pirate Hat w/Cockade/Pin
$50.00 USD
100%Wool. Size: L/XL
Pirate Frock Coat
cotton/poly Size: M-2x

"Virtual Store"
​Shirts, Hoodies, Novelties & More