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Privateers (Pirates) of the Pursuit


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Recommended Reading

Here are a few books we HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you're going to join us:

1.) Pirates & Patriots of the Revolution by C. Wilbur
2.) Patriot Pirates by Robert H. Patton
3.) Privateers of the Revolution By Donald G Shomette

Recommended Kit (1775-1783)

Breeches or slops, Shirt (Natural or white), Stockings, Shoes/Boots, Neckerchief ("Sweat rag"), Pea-Coat (Sailor's Top Coat), Sea/Ditty Bag or Haversack, Canteen (Metal or Wood), Hat (Tri-corn, flat brim, or stocking), Sail and or Jack knife, Period Musket and or Pistol, Period saber/cutlass, Shave Necessaries, Sewing kit, Personal cutlery/wood bowl, wood plate, tankard (Tin, pewter, or horn).

Recommended Kit (1775-1783)
Reenactment Associations - Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR) - Brittish Brigade (BB) - Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) - Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Loyalist Privateer References

A Brief mention on Loyalist Privateers by our good friend Todd Braisted:

A Canadian reference of Loyalist Privateers in New York:

Letters of Marque

Here is a very well written link on American Privateers during the American Revolution by the National Park Service.

Clothing & Accessories
Some Useful Websites to aid your research along... - WHAT they wore - Where to find Some of it

Source documentation on 18th Century Naval Clothing:

Allowable Weapons

For weapons we are rather specific on timeframe and type - FLINTLOCK ARMS ONLY - 1750-1780 and they absolutely MUST HAVE Flashguard (Brass preferred) and LEATHER Frizzen Covers installed for use.

Bladed weapons must be of proper time frame, and un-sharpened (unless for utility/living history demonstrations as needed).

TSPHS Shanty book
A collection of sorts on some of our more popular shanties we happen to share...  This is in PDF form and will be updated periodically.

                                               Uploaded 2/19/2018

TSPHS Resource Materials

The following PDF documents are what we have put together for educational purposes.

Privateers of the AWI                 Women Privateers of the AWI 

Basic List of Sutlers
Safe loading and handling of Flintlock Muzzleloading Firearms
Something Missing?

Some we favor...

We're not finished yet!

You can feel free to contact us with historical references or resources to share just by contacting us and sharing the information!  We'd love to have more to add to our collection of links and resources!

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