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Privateers (Pirates) of the Pursuit
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As a historic interpereter/ reenactor (Read below)

For info on becoming Supporting Crew or Supporting Memberships: CLICK HERE

To join the SPHS as a member there is a multi part application process. This initial application is just one part of the process. 
  • ​ Part 2 of the process is getting to know the other members at an event or function, come by and check us out. Meet us, talk to us, get to know us a bit and see what we're about.
  • Part 3 is joining us in an event. Come get in 18th Century costume with us and take part in the event.  You can do this a couple times if you like. Getting involved in this is a commitment and an investment.  We even have resources to help you out.
  • Part 4 is filling out the Membership Form (a bit more detailed than this form), and upon approval you will then have until your 1st official event as a member to pay the annual dues of $25 per individual (over the age of 18) or $40 per family (2 adults and 2 minor children included). Dues go towards the purchase of the SPHS Group Reenactment Insurance which covers us all.


Reenactment History (Past Units/Era/Post held)
Date Of Birth
Tell us about yourself and why you want to join us...
In these two sections please be as detailed as you want to be.
The more info we have, the better we get to know you!

Are you a reenactor? If so, what time periods? What organizations? Did you hold any offices?

Do you have any experience with boats, carpentry, mechanics, or other skills?

Are you looking to join as a part of our Reenactment/Historic Interpreter, or in another capacity?

Are you a Veteran? What branch of service? Tell us about it! We take pride in having other veterans join us, and helping other veterans by giving back to our community! Lest we not forget!

Basic Kit Info

Basic Safety Info

This is some basic information on what the lay sailor wore during the 18th Century from 1775-1783. Not everyone dressed the same, as any sort of uniform look for civilian sailors did not take place until the mid 19th Century according to research. 

Should you already have an 18th Century Impression please feel free to use that while you decide what impression you wish to research.
WE WORK WITH BLACK POWDER FIREARMS AND METAL SWORDS. SAFETY IS KEY!  Unless you've been through our safety training, even if you come from another reenactment unit or troupe, you MUST go through the training (and PASS) BEFORE you are allowed to participate in any skirmish or demo as a member of our crew.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Our goal is to be a cohesive unit, so everyone should be trained and familiar with our approach to safe handling of weapons and powder.
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